Benjamin mckenzie mischa barton dating real life

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Cam Gigandet is now most known for roles in things like the first “Twilight” movie, “Burlesque” opposite Christina Aguilera and the new CBS series “Reckless,” premiering this weekend, but back in 2006 he got his big acting break when he was cast as bad-boy surfer Kevin Volchok on Season 3 of Fox’s hit teen drama “The O.

”“It’s a compass joke, Portia.”Portia looks down and resumes painting her nails.“I could do a little jig after it? ”Robert Pattinson is spotted visiting ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart at home. He removes 11 white V-necks, a rotten peach, a Joan Jett vinyl record, and three studded dog collars. I’m sorry.”Kendall and Kylie Jenner are writing a sci-fi novel.“What’s it about?

” Kourtney asks, as she sips a Mai Tai by the pool. ” He jumps up and sprints away, leaving the bra and heels behind him.

C.’s” resident moody princess Marissa Cooper, Mischa Barton, got an even more dismissive brushoff. They were young.” See video: Cam Gigandet Brings Hot, Steamy, Southern Courtroom Drama to CBS Summer Series ‘Reckless’ (Video) But at least Gigandet is an equal opportunity snubber.

“I don’t talk to anyone I’ve ever worked with,” he tells Elle.

She takes out her Black Berry and texts Lindsay: “do what u want, but liiiiiiike europe is really nice in august and ur flights are already booked and ummm HOT MEN WITH ACCENTS!!!! ”__ celebrates its 10-year anniversary.__Mischa Barton sends a group text to Benjamin Mc Kenzie, Rachel Bilson, and Adam Brody. Know it’s been 4EVS but just wanted to say hiiiiiiii. Ben doesn’t have an i Phone, and the message never comes through.

Rachel takes a screenshot, which she immediately texts to eight people with some snarky color commentary.

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Getty Images Though they've remained tight-lipped about their romance, the pair was spotted talking intimately backstage at the awards show on the backstage cam.Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time the two have worked together.