Dating a medical student article

05-Oct-2017 23:04

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Okay, well here’s a special Valentine’s Day article about dating in medical school.

Oh, you want to hear more about dating in medical school?

So this article on how to date a med student showed up on my facebook feed today – and while it’s funny and true, it doesn’t really talk about how to deal with the central issue: you don’t have time for a “traditional” relationship.

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They communicate, share information, care and are quick to forgive when she’s snappy or he doesn’t want to listen to another story about a gross thing she saw.Spend a few hours a week doing something that involves just you two and puts your notes and worries elsewhere. That could mean taking short after-dinner walks together.Or it could mean you watch a movie on a Saturday night.Every second will seem precious, especially when you have impending exams.

It seems like every second of your day needs to be devoted to studying, however, solely spending your time studying is unsustainable.

That’s why it’s important to communicate with your significant other. If you focus on communication, your relationship will become and stay strong.